Now Casting for the Role of Pelé:

15-21 yrs old. Handsome, thin, muscular build. Small in stature but huge in heart, this teenaged Afro-Brazilian youth comes from modest circumstances, but has been imbued with a love of futbol from an early age. However, Dico's father, once a pro player, was sidelined by injury and now struggles to make ends meet as a janitor. Despite the reservations of his mother, who considers futbol a dead end, Dico is eventually recruited for the Santos Futebol Clube, an elite youth team where he begins his arduous training. Initially, Dico is carefully schooled to the European style of futbol, but it is only after he embraces the "ginga" style of his Afro-Brazilian roots that he is able to lead his ragtag team in an upset victory in the 1958 World's Cup in Sweden. He's barely 17 at the time of his triumph -- just the beginning of a legendary career that will span decades, and renew the national pride of his native country... LEAD.


This is the amazing story of DICO, nicknamed PELE, the poor Afro-Brazilian boy who rises from poverty in his native Brazil and leads his ragtag teammates to an unprecedented victory in the 1958 World Cup. That triumph -- the first ever for a non-European team -- galvanizes the entire country, which will continue to dominate the sport for years to come...